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About American Home Surfaces Group: Flooring Store Alliance Membership, Flooring Groups and more.

Supporting Independent Flooring/Carpet Dealers throughout the USA

Founded in November 2000, the American Home Surfaces Group is an alliance of independent flooring/carpet dealers represented in each and every state throughout America. Nearly 400 dealers with over 700 showrooms are AHSG members. Current AHSG members represent the economic, geographic and cultural diversity of the US, achieving success and growth in a multitude of divergent markets. AHSG members continually prove that success is both achieved and duplicated with the right products and programs designed to meet consumer desire for high quality and affordability. From Daltile to Lexmark, Roppe to Mullican, Congoleum Products and a host of respected suppliers, AHSG offers members the opportunity to expand their product offerings. As additional products are made available throughout multiple categories including carpet, hardwoods, laminates, lvt, vinyl, tile and other various products, retailers increase their market share with a broader appeal while providing additional cross-sell opportunities with existing clients.

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Who…and where…are the American Home Surfaces Group members?

You’ll find members located in each of the fifty states. Approximately 60% of our members are located east of the Rocky Mountains. Traditional remodel/replacement dealers make up approximately 60% of our members, while 20% are major new home contractors. Commercial dealers comprise 20% of our total membership, with 5% in Home Center locations. The majority of members are also Shaw Aligned.

The diverse reach and broad appeal of AHSG is enhanced and supported by the 21-member National Advisory Board comprised of prominent industry leaders with an established record of success and achievement. This Advisory Board is a strong representation of the business mix that makes up our membership and includes leaders in the Specialty Commercial, Specialty New Home, Specialty Retail/Remodel and Specialty Home Center groups.